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You must submit a completed Ranger application form. You will need to pass an oral interview board. You will need to pass ARTA (The Arizona Ranger Training Academy, two days (12 hours each) of intense training.) You will need to complete a 90 day probation to include working 24 duty hours with a Field Training Officer (FTO). 1, Ranger jobs available on Apply to Park Ranger and more! Skip to Job Postings, Search Close. Find Jobs Company Reviews And click Ranger Employment Application to complete an application that will be emailed to the Hiring Manager. Class A . For every dollar invested in Pennsylvania state parks, $ of the value-added income is returned to Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Park Ranger Salaries. The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources employs both full-time and seasonal park rangers.

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Both park rangers and forest rangers in Pennsylvania have the same authority, which includes:. Pennsylvania park rangers perform public safety work and promote recreation throughout the state parks. These professionals ranger application questions and explain rules and regulations to visitors, while checking the grounds, buildings and surroundings for signs of vandalism, safety hazards and cleanliness.

Ranger application there are no educational requirements for becoming a park ranger in Pennsylvania, earning a formal degree may allow applicants to set themselves apart from other candidates and may provide more opportunity for advancement. Typical degree ranger application for individuals interested in pursuing park ranger jobs in Pennsylvania include:.

All candidates for park ranger jobs in Pennsylvania must first take the State Civil Service Commission. Upon completion of the examination, candidates are then reviewed using their civil service examination results, ranger application, as well as their background.

Individuals with questions regarding the civil service examination or application process can contact the Department of Conservation ranger application Natural Resources, Ranger application of Human Resources, at Additional test centers are located in Erie, Lock Haven, ranger application, Scranton, and Johnstown, although testing dates are limited.

Candidates can learn more about the dates for the civil service examination by calling Employment and promotion lists are established using the results of the civil service examinations, and all candidates are notified of their test results. Candidates can apply online through www.

Individuals may also work as federal park rangers through the National Park Service. Within Ranger application, there are a number of national parks and natural resources at which federal park rangers work, including:. Park rangers with the National Park Service may work as either protective park ranger application or cultural park rangers, both of which have a standard set of requirements, which include:.

Individuals who qualify through education must have completed at least 24 hours of related coursework through their degree program, which may include study in:. Candidates for protective park ranger jobs must also meet a number of other requirements, including possessing at least three years of experience in law enforcement or through the National Park Ranger application. The Pennsylvania Bureau of State Parks, which was created inhad just one park at the time.

Since then, the Bureau has swollen to parks, making it one of the largest park systems in the country. The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources employs both full-time and seasonal park rangers. According to the Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission, there are actually 20 levels within the pay scale for park rangers in Pennsylvania.

This allows for incremental salary increases, so the average park police salary in PA can fall anywhere on that scale. Here is a look at some of those salary figures:. For this reason, the following tables have been provided to show how salaries can vary according to professional title:. On September 11,terrorists hijacked four commercial airplanes in an attack against the United States. One of those planes—Flight 93—crashed into an open field outside of Pittsburgh in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, killing all passengers and crew members on board.

The Flight 93 National Memorial serves as a testament to the strength, unity, ranger application, and courage these individuals displayed on that tragic day in American history.

The National Park Service NPSits partners, ranger application, its volunteers, and ranger application dedicated team of park rangers now work to honor the sacrifice of the American citizens killed that day. At about A. At that time, passengers and crew members made a plan and put it into action, attempting to take control of the terrorists. After a battle between passengers and terrorists, the terrorists brought the plane down in Shanksville, ranger application, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh, killing all people on board, ranger application.

The flight data recorder recovered from the crash site revealed that the terrorists had plans to crash the plane into the U. Capitol Building in Washington, D. The passengers and crew members of Flight 93 were credited with preventing what would have been a large-scale attack in Washington Ranger application. Due to the quick ranger application heroic actions of Flight 93 passengers, the terrorists failed to reach their intended target.

The National Park Service administers and manages all of the planning, ranger application, and operations of the Flight 93 National Memorial, ranger application. The permanent Flight 93 National Memorial was dedicated and opened on September 10, A scenic, three-and-a-half mile drive takes visitors to the Memorial Plaza, which is located at the site of the crash.

The plaza features orientation panels that explain the plaza, and interpretive panels that provide an overview of the events of that day. Other features of the Memorial include:.

The Flight 93 National Memorial is a work in progress, with a ranger application of projects planned for the upcoming years, all of which will likely then result in a larger demand for NPS park ranger involvement:. Gettysburg, as the site of an epic Civil War battle, as well as the place where Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address, ranger application, serves as one of the first national military parks in the United States.

Gettysburg National Military Park attracts more than 1, ranger application. This Park features more than 40 miles of roads, 1, ranger application, monuments, and cannons. Just a few of the significant sites within the Park include:. The Battle of Gettysburg is, according to many historians, a pivotal period of time in the Civil War.

In fact, the battle would eventually determine the fate of the nation. This battle resulted in a Union victory and the end of General Robert E. It was also the bloodiest ranger application of an already bloody war, resulting in more than 51, casualties. One the third day of July infollowing three, harrowing days of bloodshed, ranger application, General Lee retreated and ordered his army to return to Virginia. Following the retreat of the Union soldiers, the residents of Gettysburg were left with destruction and devastation, with dead bodies littering the land and nearly every building ranger application with wounded soldiers.

The Soldiers National Cemetery was established as a result, and the relocation of the dead began ranger application The dedication of the cemetery on November 19, ranger application, included a speech made by Abraham Lincoln, which was later coined the Gettysburg Address. The cemetery was eventually transferred to ranger application federal government in and was immediately designated as a national military park.

Administration of the park was transferred to the NPS inwho now continues its mission of protecting, preserving, and interpreting the events of Gettysburg to current park visitors and future generations. Along with the Gettysburg Foundation, the NPS continues its campaign to restore and preserve the historic integrity and the amazing resources located here.

The efforts of the NPS and the Gettysburg Foundation have allowed visitors to view the battlefields not seen in more than years, while also allowing them to better understand the course of events during those three days in July Also included in the preservation efforts is the creation of a sustainable environment, which includes improvements to the wetlands, the water quality, and wildlife habitats, ranger application. The park rangers of the National Park Service work tirelessly to ensure the continued preservation and interpretation of Gettysburg.

This includes patrolling and enforcing rules and regulations throughout the park. There is a wide host of park ranger programs available at Gettysburg National Military Park, most of which are offered from April through October.

All programs, which are led by NPS park rangers, cover a variety of subjects, including:. Park rangers also lead extended battlefield tours and campfire programs during the summer months. Licensed Battlefield guides take visitors through the park in the comfort of their own vehicle or in bus tours. Ohiopyle State Park, which is located along the southern Laurel Ridge, consists of more than 20, acres of natural beauty.

The Youghiogheny River Gorge, which winds its way throughout the park, has a reputation for providing visitors with some of the best whitewater rafting in the eastern United States, ranger application. The park rangers of Ohiopyle State Park, who work for the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources DCNRthe agency that oversees all state parks in Pennsylvania, are an important and constant year-round presence in this park. The patrol and enforcement efforts of Ohiopyle State Park rangers ensure that visitors here remain safe, thereby allowing them to enjoy all that this park has to offer, which includes:.

Further, the park rangers of Ohiopyle State Park are heavily involved with environmental education, recreation, and interpretive programs, ranger application. They provide visitors here with everything from hands-on activities and guided walks to special evening programs. Just some of the interpretive programs offered by Pennsylvania State park rangers at Ranger application State Park are focused on the Youghiogheny River, the Youghiogheny River Gorge, and the natural, cultural, and recreational resources in the Ohiopyle area.

Park rangers are also often involved in environmental education programs for schools and youth groups. It is no wonder, then, that record ranger application of visitors ascend upon Pymatuning State Park each year. The majority of Pymatuning State Park is located in Jamestown, ranger application, Pennsylvania 21, acresranger application, with the remaining acres 3, located in Ohio.

Pymatuning State Park is home to a wide variety of environmental education and interpretive programs, such as guided walks, ranger application, evening programs, classroom programs, and hands-on activities. Park rangers also provide a number of curriculum-based education programs and teacher workshops, and programs are offered year-round.

This is accomplished through student field learning experiences, ranger application, environmental forums, and watershed educational programs. Valley Forge National Historic Park holds a deep significance to our nation and is therefore under the watchful eye of the National Park Service NPS and the many park rangers who work there. Valley Forge National Historic Park, which encompasses more than 3, acres, ranger application, is visited by more than 1.

Although the NPS park rangers at Valley Forge National Historic Park are involved in patrol and enforcement activities as to ensure that all visitors are abiding by park rules and regulations, ranger application, the historic significance of this park calls for a large number of park rangers serving in an interpretive capacity.

For example, Valley Forge National Historic Park is home to many classroom field trip programs, which are conducted by park rangers dressed in period clothing. These programs are designed to educate, entertain, ranger application engage students. NPS park rangers at Valley Forge National Historic Park are also involved in ranger application Rangers in the Classroom program, which provides third-through-eighth-grade students with an in-class Valley Forge ranger application. Although no battles were fought, more Americans died at Valley Forge—2,—than at the battles of Brandywine and Germantown combined, due to hunger and disease.

Other features of Valley Forge National Historic Park include a visitor center, which houses exhibits and artifacts, ranger application, and more than 20 miles of multi-use trails.

Although Valley Forge National Historic Park is certainly popular among history buffs, this National Park is also attractive to outdoor enthusiasts, as it is home to a number of picnic areas and ten miles of equestrian trails.

Bureau of Mines certificate in first aid Possess a certificate in CPR Education Options Although there are no educational requirements for becoming a park ranger in Pennsylvania, earning a formal degree may allow applicants to set themselves apart from other candidates and may provide more opportunity for advancement.

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The product label for Ranger Pro Herbicide does not specify a certain amount of time but it does say that heavy rain soon after application may require a repeat application. The word soon is open for debate, but we would recommend only applying the product when you have a . Rangers are required to attend at least 40 hours of in-service training every two years, but for most Rangers, the training far exceeds the requirement. Some Rangers receive additional training in areas such as investigative hypnosis, which has played an important role in some criminal cases. 75TH RANGER REGIMENT 75RR: Elite, large-scale special operations. The 75 th Ranger Regiment, known as the 75RR, is the U.S. Army’s premier large-scale special operations force, and it is made up of some of the most elite Soldiers in the world. The Rangers specialize in joint special operations raids and joint forcible entry operations.