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iphone 5 jailbreak windows 8 theme

Feb 27,  · A new DreamBoard theme called iWphone8 iPhone5 brings the Windows Phone 8 look and feel to the iPhone. Unlike the Metroon theme, which was quite feature rich, iWphone8 iPhone5 is essentially a Windows Phone 8 skin on the iPhone’s Home screen. Apr 30,  · Download Jailbreak iOS Update Version How To jailbreak iOS With TaiG Step By Step Guide. Download jailbreak TaiG put into practice in the direction of set up cydia surrounded by after that to prospect. at the moment is a straightforward demeanor to consist of an submission on impending iOS jailbreak. May 15,  · 1) Metroon – iPhone and iPad. The best Windows 8 theme available till date, it also give a desktop look up to iOS device and it eats much less memory than any other win8 desktop theme. And the best part is it works fine with both iPhone and iPad. We have tested this theme on iPhone 4S also and it work smoother than any other theme.

Free iPhone 5 Themes, iPod touch Themes Download (Including iOS 8 Devices)

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. To do this you will first need a jailbroken iphone or iPod Touch. First you need to install summerboard, an application that allows you install custom themes for springboard.

To get to this go to installer, then to the install tabthen to the system folder to find it. An icon called "SMB Prefs" will now appear, do not use it yet. Next you need to install a theme, iphone 5 jailbreak windows 8 theme. To do this, go to the install tab, then to "themes summerboard ". Go back to the homescreen and open "SMB Prefs".

Next, go to the theme tab and select the theme you want to use. Go back to the homescreen and wait for your device to iphone 5 jailbreak windows 8 theme Your new theme is installed with custom backrounds and icons! Reply 8 years ago on Introduction. Thanks for sharing such a nice information on installation of themes on jailbroken iphone and ipad.

It's called Winterboard now. It's much better though. Man, that last theme is so cool! Reply 11 years ago on Introduction. If you want to get an iPod touch or iPhone for free try freeipodtouch. By tugharris Follow. More by the author:. Add Teacher Note. You must restart your device to activate summerboard. It will not work unless you do this. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Quintcopter Plywood Design. Does It Fly? Internet of Things Class. The nerdling 7 years ago on Introduction.

Reply Upvote. Briguy9 10 years ago on Introduction. WOW its so cool i got the vending mavhine 1! GorillazMiko 11 years ago on Introduction. Kopolis tugharris Reply 11 years ago on Iphone 5 jailbreak windows 8 theme. So they really work?


5 Best Windows Theme for iPhone - iPad (Dreamboard)


iphone 5 jailbreak windows 8 theme


How to Install Themes on a Jailbroken IPhone or IPod Touch: How To Install Themes On A Jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch using the summerboard application. Tap on application icons below to select them. 2. Optional: choose the text to display under each icon. 3. Optional: test that the app is installed on your device with the icon. 4. Tap the « Generate theme» button to generate an iOS configuration profile with all the selected icons (opens the Settings app). May 11,  · How to Customize iPhone Without Jailbreaking Posted by Ali Hassan Mahdi on May 11, in Customize iPhone, Featured, How To, iPhone Tips and Tricks. When it comes to customizing your iPhone, the first thing that you have to do is to jailbreak it. Doing so allows you to theme the app icons, interfaces, Lock screen, Home screen or pretty much.